Spirit Tree

\Anneke Borren
\David McGill   
\Gillian Rainer  
\Stephen Myhre
\Robert Franken
\Gerard McCabe

plus guest Artists

\Dan Wilkinson
\Sandy Rodgers
\Dan Mills     
\Josie Connor

Curated by Robert Franken

Humanity is a forest all on it's own. We are all like trees. Our body is like a coral reef of micro organisms.
Like trees, we harbour lots of life forms, in fact our planet is like a tree floating in space .

Our world floats in space among other planets and solar systems, like a micro organism with an undefinable shape or no shape at all. The shear immensity makes us need to believe in something so as to not to get lost.

Then there is the Spirit. That which is present, we can sense but not see .

Trees house spirits as in us somewhere resides our spirit with no fixed abode. It is around us and sometimes dwells within. The spirit moves on when the journey of the reef comes to an end of it's present shape.

This series of works is about exploring rather than finding answers

Painting is a language for which I have no words .

The making is my journey and when the artworks are finished they have a life of their own .

"Paintings are like leafs falling from my tree "

15 March 2013 - 26 May 2013