Masterton and Me: Our Stories | Our People - A photographic essay by Anna Rutherford

Celebrating the diversity of the people of Masterton, local photographer Anna Rutherford has captured Mastertonians from all walks of life from a local farmer and a single mother of five to a retired mechanic and a dairy owner. 

All of these people have chosen to make Masterton their home. By telling their stories and expressing what Masterton means to them, the exhibition also celebrates Masterton’s history and adds to its legacy. 

Kindly supported by Masterton Arts Fund.

Aratoi wishes to thank the artist for kindly donating the entire series of 50 photographs to the collection of Aratoi.

Opening: Friday: 7 December, 5:30pm

Artist Floor Talk: Saturday, 8 December, 11am

Anna Rutherford, Gary and Theresa, 2018

8 December 2018 - 27 January 2019