Kuia Mau Moko: photographs by Marti Friedlander, an exhibition on Maori tattooing

“I lay down on the ground blindfolded, and two women held me down….[The tā moko artist] used a chisel made of whalebone. He made cuts before he dipped the chisel in the dye and pressed it in.

Breadcraft Wairarapa Schools Art 2015

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Friends of Aratoi Pivotal to Organization

“When you experience something meaningful, something that touches you beyond the ordinary, you want to put a stamp on that experience… to preserve it, repeat it, invest in it.”

Stitches carry stories from times past

In 1914, Jean Haggit (nee Ingram) sailed with the first 50 nurses for active service in Egypt and France and went on to become Matron of the NZ Hospital at Walton-on-Thames in England.

Robin White with Ruha Fifita: Ko e Hala Hangatonu: The Straight Path

Measuring almost 25m and two years in the making, the monumental ‘Ko e Hala Hangatonu: The Straight Path’ is the centrepiece of an exhibition opening at Aratoi this Friday.


What is a pacifist supposed to do at an ANZAC Day service? How is the Centenary programme shaping young people’s views of war?

War and medicine captivate at Aratoi

Wairarapa Times age
Monday Aug 17, 2015

Aratoi Lunchtime Art Bites

Aratoi director Alice Hutchison remembers clearly the period in the 1980s when her mother Philippa Blair was painting ‘Heart Book’ and other vivid, ‘deconstructed' canvases, many of them crossing i

The Rutherford Trust Collection

Christine Murcott says it was “like meeting up with old friends” when she stepped into Aratoi recently to see the

Aratoi School Holiday programme: Matariki Optical Illusions: The Stars in the Sky

Maybe it’s because it’s not so long since these kids were playing with blocks for real that the idea of the latest Aratoi school holiday programme really took off.

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