Aratoi Lunchtime Art Bites

Aratoi director Alice Hutchison remembers clearly the period in the 1980s when her mother Philippa Blair was painting ‘Heart Book’ and other vivid, ‘deconstructed' canvases, many of them crossing i

The Rutherford Trust Collection

Christine Murcott says it was “like meeting up with old friends” when she stepped into Aratoi recently to see the

Aratoi School Holiday programme: Matariki Optical Illusions: The Stars in the Sky

Maybe it’s because it’s not so long since these kids were playing with blocks for real that the idea of the latest Aratoi school holiday programme really took off.

Lunch time art bites and Zelda Bruce

Tauherenikau-based mosaic artist Zelda Bruce took more than a little piece of Wairarapa with her on a residency in Brenta, Northern Italy last month.

$1.5m distributed to community causes

Netball Wairarapa, Destination Wairarapa and Aratoi museum were major recipients for this year's Trust House Foundation annual grants, which saw $1.5 million distributed to Wairarapa causes.

July 2015 School Holiday Programme

Tina-Rae Carter goes to unusual lengths to dream up activities for Aratoi’s school holidays programme. This week she has been filling fish tanks with milk and shining torchlight through them.

Paula Coulthard

Paula Coulthard has used live ammunition in the service of her art, but no real New Zealand flags have ever been damaged in the process.

Annabelle Buick - I SEE. I SAW

I’ve known several artists who had to give up painting in oils due to an allergic reaction, but it was working with flax that affected Annabelle Buick. Her exhibition ‘I See.

NZ Potters Inc & The Rutherford Trust Collection

Carterton ceramic artist Lisa Donaldson got her first taste of ‘production pottery’ when she created 40 unique platters for the Martinborough Contemporary Art Auction held at the weekend, a fundrai

Drowned gecko inspires new art

Being handed a drowned gecko might not be a high point for most people, but for Masterton ceramic artist Sam Ludden it signaled the start of a new series of work.

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