Annual Meeting 2017 at Aratoi

The 2017 Annual Meeting took place at Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History on Monday 11 December 2017.

You can download the Performance Report with the Auditors report below.

Patron Dame Robin White receives a Laureate Award

Aratoi congratulates Honorary Patron Dame Robin White 

Lions International Peace Poster Contest 2017-18


An Ornament to the Town: The Band Rotunda in New Zealand

With the sound of period music s

Breadcraft Wairarapa Schools Art 2017

“Nerve-racking” is how Emma McLa

Helene Carroll – Recent Paintings 2012 – 2017

There has only ever been one the

The Aratoi Newsletter - Issue 18 Winter/Takurua 2017

Issue 18 Winter/Takurua 2017

Lindauers at Aratoi


Et Alia: Two Collections Six Years

'It's been a journey from hills, mountains and rivers, to quite a good understanding of contemporary New Zealand art' that's how Jo Beetham describes the past 18 years of participating in art colle

The Long View: Review by Mark Amery

Read Mark Amery's review here

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