Anthonie Tonnon Rail Land - a tour celebrating passenger rail in Aotearoa

15 December 2018, 2:00pm
Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History

Rail Land, a tour of Aotearoa that takes you out of your city centre, via some of the world’s most beautiful, and miraculous passenger rail lines. 

Rail Land will travel on the rail networks that still offer public transport. Our railways are miraculous, poetic, and mysterious things. They are gifts from the past to the future, and if they didn’t exist now, they would be impossible to build from scratch. Each has a story, and this tour will tell a little of each one.


The great survivor

" How is it that there is no train between Hamilton and Auckland, and yet Masterton, with a population of only 25 000 people, holds it’s interurban rail service with Wellington? When almost all other services were closed, Masterton even still had a service to Palmerston North as late as 1988. 

However they’ve done it, a trip through the engineering marvel that is the Rimutaka tunnel, and through the sunny fields and country towns of the Wairarapa, is a true wonder, and something to celebrate. Especially when you can take this 1 hour, 41 minute journey on the Wairarapa Line (WRL) for as little as $11.12 each way on an off peak ten trip fare."  Anthonie Tonnon.

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Anthonie Tonnon

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