Help Power Aratoi

Help Power Aratoi

One of Aratoi’s largest annual costs is electricity. Electricity runs the temperature-controlled environment necessary to display and preserve collections for future generations.


We propose to install a solar farm of 300 panels costing $600 each to reduce our annual energy bill by almost 50%. The panels reduce carbon emissions and contribute to making Aratoi “clean and green”. Stage 1 is the installation of at least 192 panels in 2021. Aratoi has already secured commitments for more than a third of this number.


Would you, or you and a group of friends, consider a donation to Aratoi for this project? A $600 donation buys one panel, which is effectively a gift of $90 each year for the next 20 years. You will support a good cause and receive public name-recognition. Most panel equivalent donations will qualify for a tax credit of $200.

You can support this initiative by donating into Aratoi's bank account.

Aratoi Regional Trust

Please use ' Help Power Aratoi ' and your name as reference.


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