Lockdown Laundry

26 September 2020, 10:00am - 3:00pm

Lockdown Laundry invites you to come and air your lockdown memories!

Lockdown was a time when we couldn't easily share our lives with others. So how did you go? How did you feel, and how did you spend your days?

Lockdown Laundry welcomes everyone to emerge from their bubbles and share their ups and downs – we want to hear it all.


Come and have a chat and talk about your experiences with our lovely typist Katja Starke. Katja will capture your lockdown memories using her trusty typewriter, and you can then hang them out to air on our washing line, alongside other people's Lockdown Laundry notes.

So - roll up, roll up! - and share your thoughts or have a read about how other people in our community have experienced Lockdown.

Lockdown Laundry is travelling all over NZ to hear & share your stories.

Visit www.lockdownlaundry.nz for more information.


Katja Starke