Adrian Cook: Wet Plate Collodion Process Talk

6 April 2024, 10:30am - 11:00am
Social History Gallery

Adrian Cook is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer and has worked for major advertising agencies and magazines worldwide.

Uninspired by the predictability and monotony of digital photography, Adrian began taking photographs using the wet plate collodion process in an effort to recreate the aesthetic qualities and characteristics lost with the demise of film. He now works on personal projects and advertising campaigns using wet plate techniques, both in the studio and on-the-road from his mobile darkroom.

In this talk, Adrian will be discussing different types of photography and how the wet plate collodion process works. This 19th century method of development -that predates film photography - is used in the James Bragge: Splendid Scenic Gems exhibition currently showing in the Social History Gallery at Aratoi.