Matariki Concert

14 July 2024, 12:15pm - 1:00pm
Main Gallery

This special 45 minute concert features the glittering Wellington based flute and harp duo of Michelle Velvin and Bridget Douglas in a musical journey that traverses the Matariki stars, moon, waterfalls and sea of Aotearoa.  

Waita is the star that will be highlighted as it connects to the tides, moon and the many kinds of food Maori gather from the sea. 

Michelle has written two works especially for Matariki: The Moon and Sister to the Sky. These will be played alongside 'Taheke' by Wellington based composer Gareth Farr which was inspired by a waterfall he visited as a child in the Malborough Sounds. Surrounding these New Zealand pieces we will take you on an oceanic themed musical voyage around the world by composers from Japan, France, Denmark and the USA.

Programme details:
Carl Nielsen 'The Fog is Lifting' 
Michio Miyagi 'Haru no umi' 
Bernard Andres 'Algues' 
Michelle Velvin 'The Moon' and 'Sister to the Sky' 
Gareth Farr 'Taheke' 
Alan Hovhaness 'Vision on a Starry Night' 


No bookings, just turn up. Limited seats.