SOLD OUT Toymaker Session: Craft a Wooden Dinosaur

18 July 2024, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Wesley Wing in the exhibition Pastimes: Toys and Games

Step into the prehistoric world with TOYMAKER's 'Make A Wooden Dinosaur' kids workshop! 

Unearth woodwork and craft skills while crafting your very own dinosaur. Join our holiday sessions in small, personalized classes for up to 8 children. Woodwork enthusiasts and dinosaur lovers alike will thrive in this 1.5-hour workshop. Dive into joinery, fine woodwork, and master drilling, joining, and surface finishing skills. Woodwork will never be extinct! 

AGE LIMIT: 5-10 DURATION: Approx. 1.5 hours. 

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 8 Children. 

SKILLS COVERED: Clamping, Drilling, Joinery, Surface Finishing. 

TOOLS & MATERIALS USED: Untreated Pine Wood, Clamps, Awl, Hand Drill, Screwdrivers, Hardware, Wood Glue, Wood Files, Sanding Blocks, and Various Grits of Sanding Paper. 

ATTENDANCE: Please arrive 15 minutes early for important instructions from the Instructor. SAFETY REQUIREMENT: Wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Children without them cannot participate. 

ACCOMPANYING PARENT: 1 parent is welcome to stay but should not take part in the activities.

Book your space by following this link.