Toymaker Session: Make a Stomp Catapult

10 July 2024, 10:00am - 11:00am
Wesley Wing in the exhibition Pastimes: Toys and Games

Elevate your woodworking skills with TOYMAKER's 'Make a Wooden Stomp Catapult' kids workshop! Craft your own catapult and put your aim to the test (beanbag or tennis ball not included). In this one-hour session, children will have hands-on experience in sawing, gluing, drilling, hammering, and sanding wood. Join us for an exciting and educational woodworking adventure! 

All tools, materials, and safety gear are provided, and children get to keep their wooden creations.

AGE LIMIT: 5-10 DURATION: Approx. 1 hour. 

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 8 Children. 

SKILLS COVERED: Measuring, Squaring Wood, Marking, Clamping, Sawing, Drilling, Hammering, Joinery, and Surface Finishing. 

TOOLS & MATERIALS UTILIZED: Untreated Pine Wood, Measuring Tape, Quick Square, Carpenter's Pencil, Pull Saw, Sawing Guide, Clamps, Awl, Hand Drill, Hammer and Nails, Sanding Blocks, Various Grits of Sanding Paper. 

ATTENDANCE: Please arrive 15 minutes early for important instructions from the Instructor. 

SAFETY REQUIREMENT: Wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Children without them cannot participate. 

ACCOMPANYING PARENT: 1 parent is welcome to stay but should not take part in the activities.

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