Kiri Riwai Couch: Kuia


Ngati Hine, Ngati Pukenga

Kiri’s desire to create beautiful art is the reason she turned to photography.  “Although I have an eye for artistic beauty, it’s unfortunate that I don’t really have the hand for it, so my creative outlet, and my art, is my photography”.

Kiri Loves to photograph people.  With 4 children who are always happy to model she gets more than enough practice.  “My favourite shoots are weddings, because love is such a special thing  to capture”.

Kuia is Kiri’s first exhibition and to her it has been 3 years in the making.  “It lived as an idea and a dream for most of those years, now seeing it come to life is a very emotional thing for me”.  The portraits are intense, proud and magnificent.  A collection for Wairarapa to keep and treasure for years to come.  “I came to Wairarapa as an infant, the place has given me so much and this is my way of giving back.”  At the close of the exhibition the portraits will be given back to the kuia and her whanau.  Kiri acknowledges and thanks Creative Communities Scheme Masterton for their amazing support without which none of this would be possible.