David Cauchi: Memories of the Future.


The future is past.
It was a 20th century phenomenon.
It has become untenable.
The paintings in Memories of the future were completed between 2011 and 2014.
They are all the same size – roughly that of the human head. They share the same
limited palette of pure, unmixed colours applied in layers of watercolour and oil
A diverse cast of characters occupy a pictorial space at right angles to reality.
Portraits of the artist and his friends and family mingle with gods and monsters who
have lost their way in the modern world.
The future is past, and the past is the future. Categories collapse in on themselves.
Objects take on the characteristics of people, and people take on the characteristics of
David Cauchi lives and works in Mt Cook, Wellington. He is represented by Ivan
Anthony Gallery, Auckland and Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington.

Time to go, 2013, ink, oil and watercolour on linen, 30 x 25cm.
Courtesy the artist and Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington.