Buller's Birds The art of Keulemans and Buchanan


More than 140 years ago, two men created what remains New Zealand's most famous book on native birds.

A History of the Birds of New Zealand combined the passion and knowledge of ornithologist Walter Buller with the talents of artist J G Keulemans. The first edition, of 1872-73, attracted subscriptions from luminaries like Charles Darwin, and a second edition was published in 1888. The book was known colloquially as Buller's Birds.

A cheaper 1882 alternative, the Manual of the Birds of New Zealand, included wood engravings by New Zealand artist and botanist John Buchanan.

Buller worked with both artists to ensure the illustrations were true to life; sending field notes and detailed comments on early sketches.

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Buchanan, John
Eudyptula minor (Little penguin), Crested penguin,
Formerly blue penguin, Crested penguin.
1865 -1882, wood engraving   

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