Kirsty Gardiner: Remnants, Remains


For most of her life Kirsty Gardiner has been an op shop enthusiast. This exhibition is an accumulation of ideas that have been mixing and mingling in her mind’s eye for a few years. Imagine what an op shop at the turn of the 1800s/1900s would have looked like. The Rag and Bottle Shop was London's equivalent and Mud larking along the Thames would have been the next best option. Remnants Remains takes this idea and recreates what Kirsty imagines the objects would look like. Her work is influenced by French and English porcelain and objects collected over the years. Kirsty likes to think of the work as a transcultural mix of myths, ceramic archetypes and of course extinct birds.

The exhibition is developed as a touring show. Please forward your enquiries to  

Opening: 2 February 2018, 5.30pm.

Artists Talk: 3 February 2018, 11am.