Under Pressure - Wairarapa Print Group


A showcase of contemporary printmaking by selected Wairarapa artists.

Printmaking techniques include etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, screen prints, collagraphs, lithographs, intaglio and relief printing. 

Non-monetary prizes will be awarded.

Entry information below.
Independent selector: Liz Bondy
Organising committee: Jo Lysaght, Linda Tilyard and Nick Brandon 

Opening: Friday 21 February 5.30pm. All welcome                                                               

Public Talk: 22 February 11am with artists Nick Brandon, Jo Lysaght, Linda Tilyard. All welcome.   

Mezzotint demonstrations: Saturday, 22 February, 12-2pm with Dutch International Mezzotint Ambassador Nan Mulder. Aratoi Foyer. All welcome.    

Tenderness by Nan Mulder: 11 February - 29 February An exhibition of five Mezzotints in the foyer.                                                                                    

Linda Tilyard, Nga Tuna, Linocut, 2019