Gavin Hipkins and Peter Peryer - Gone Home


Gone Home and The Homely II is our main exhibition at Aratoi. We have asked one of our Educators to give you a glimpse of Peter Peryer’s work and explain a little about it. From this weekend, you can come and enjoy this exhibition for yourselves knowing a little bit of the backstory and what to look out for!

Two 'tourists of photography' of different generations in a game of visual snap. Gavin Hipkins's new epic eighty-photo frieze The Homely II scrambles of images of New Zealand and Great Britain. This 'Victorian melodrama' is accompanied by some fifty Peter Peryer photos chosen to resonate with it. The title comes from a Peryer image, which sees 'GONE HOME' inscribed on a tombstone. Peryer died in November 2018.

The exhibition includes A Place in the Cosmos (2020), a new silent Super 8mm film created by Gavin Hipkins especially for the Aratoi exhibition and shot at Stonehenge Aotearoa, in Wairarapa. We invite musicians, dancers, poets and other artists to perform to the black-and-white film during the duration of the exhibition- please make a booking with us.

Curated by Gavin Hipkins and Robert Leonard, Chief Curator, City Gallery Wellington.
Thanks to the Peryer Estate, Charnwood Trust, and other lenders.

Opening: Friday, 6 March, 5.30pm

Artist & Curator Talk, with Gavin Hipkins and Robert Leonard: Saturday, 7 March, 11am

Gavin Hipkins A Place in the Cosmos
Gavin Hipkins, A Place in the Cosmos (2020), Super 8mm film, Still frame. (Filmed at Stonehenge Aotearoa)


eter Peryer The Meccano Bus 1994 Photograph
Peter Peryer, The Meccano Bus (1994), Photograph

Developed and toured by City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi


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