Jason Burns: One Fifty


Masterton-based artist Jason Burns often begins his paintings with a form of automatism that provides a base and structure to his work. From there he adds colour, text and detail.

His recent paintings draw upon everyday life for ideas and inspiration; what he reads in the news, what is happening around him, to what he had for dinner. There is a certain immediacy to his work, reminiscent of comic and graffiti art, but executed with a highly sophisticated sense of design and colour to express his memories and experiences. Colour-defined areas of paint appear like stream-of-consciousness text fragments, a method of narration that describes happenings in the flow of thoughts in the mind of the artist.

Jason Burns’ work is a social commentary, containing personal and family elements as well as seemingly mundane components such as recipes and random words and expressions.


Opening: Friday, 9 April at 5:30pm

Guest speaker: Dame Robin White