Burn it all down


Fire is powerful, primordial, something to be feared and respected. It has been essential to our progression and development as a species, but in the wrong hands it can devastate. Controlled, or prescriptive burns are an important part of the ecosystem and in many indigenous cultures fire is used to cleanse and revitalise the land – in the wake of its destructive path the earth is cleared for new growth. Burn it all down brings together the work of seven artists who use fire, destruction, and obsolescence in their work to highlight the fragility of our world, ourselves, and our memories. From domestic objects to black holes the final artworks reveal that it is the very fragility of these things that make them precious and in need of our care. 

Artists: Nina van Duijnhoven, Pat Hanly, Tracy Keith, Victoria McIntosh, Amelia Pascoe, Sandra Schmid and Lee Woodman

Gallery Exhibition Tour: Saturday, 18 February, 2pm