Have the Most Fun You Can Before They Make You Stop: A Retrospective of Carol Anne Bauer


Born in New York city, USA in 1935, Carol went on to study painting, enamelling and stitchery, graduating with a B.A Fine arts (Hons) in 1969 from the University of Connecticut.

In 1972, she and her family emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand where she became active in the Wellington arts scene - becoming a member of NZ Academy of fine arts in 1980 and a founding and exhibiting member of the Koru fibre artists group from 1976-86. She also worked as a secondary school art teacher, in advertising and as a TVNZ set designer. 

Carol has exhibited widely and her works can be found as far afield as in Tokyo at The NZ Dairy Board and at the White House, in Washington D.C. USA. Her artworks and techniques have been profiled in various publications and in Television programme interviews a number of times, from 1973-1987. 

Carol and her husband moved to the Wairarapa in 2000. Where she continued to exhibit her works locally and nationally.

In this retrospective, a snapshot of Carol’s work is celebrated through her beginnings with exquisite stitchery through to her curious examination of amino acid crystals in large format.

Carol Anne Bauer had a fascination with light, pattern and narrative which drew her to explore and depict the natural world, magic, symbolism, cultural stories and scientific enquiry.


Floor Talk by Viv Walker, Saturday, 10 June, 11am - all welcome.