Jane Sinclair: Quiet Observations


Jane Sinclair MNZM, can’t help but be moved and inspired by the physical landscape of the mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and the coastlines of her local Wairarapa and New Zealand. This geology, combined with our country's dynamic weather patterns, create vast cloudscapes that affect how the light falls on the land and water.

Throughout art history, light has captured the artists eye, and Jane is no different, constantly observing how light changes through the day and through the seasons. The quality and colours of the light alter depending on the geology, the latitude, and the altitude.

Understanding and applying these principles to her paintings has guided Jane's journey as a landscape artist. Creating atmosphere and depth, and expressing the permanence of the land, notwithstanding the effects of human existence, has always been her intent and purpose.


Opening: Friday 19 April, 5.30pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, 20 April, 11am