Mutu kākā (bird snare)

The mutu kākā form of bird snare was a simple but effective method of snaring large numbers of the noisy, socially garrulous, and inquisitive kākā (parrots). A plaited muka (flax fibre) cord would be jerked trapping the legs of the kākā against the protruding upright of the mutu kākā.

The perch is broken at one end.  Metal fragments pierce the lower carving through the 'mouth' and corresponding pieces through the upper carving.

Mutu kākā (bird snare), wood, metal (steel)

A portable perch and snare used in taking kaka and some other birds. Carving at the base of the handle and across the top.

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mutu kākā
Mutu kākā (bird snare), wood, metal (steel)

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