Open day New Pacific Studio

Cultural exchange with two international artists is in full swing at New Pacific Studio and visitors can get their own fix at an Open Day this weekend. While at Mt Bruce, Peruvian Raquel Esquives has been attending Te Reo classes in Eketahuna with acting director Maelyn Charlton, and Laura Amtower (from West Virginia, USA) is learning about local farming lore from neighbour Bridget Percy. Laura specialized in painting and art education for her degree: “I find the history of New Pacific Studio very interesting, and am struck by the many threads of history that are woven throughout the property.” Her work centres on memory ,and the interviews and stories she gathers of local cultures. While at NPS, Laura has been working on an “intuitive” series of small still lifes, first drawing in pencil, then moving to gauche paint and gesso. The Open Day will also feature art activities for children. Sunday 2 June, 2-5pm. Showing at Aratoi: King Street Artworks Annual Exhibition, until 24 June; Look Out: Animal Safari, until 23 June.