Robin White Art Activity

Spending time with family and building new memories, have been a highlight for many during lock down. Some people have enjoyed the extra rest and a chance to take the time to try new skills.

When Robin White moved to Paremata in 1969, she began working hard on developing and refining her artistic skills. In Sam’s Place, Bottle Creek (1971), White evokes a sense of this place and time, that so influenced her early works. The glowing orange door draws us in, leading our eye up through the windswept trees to the sky above.


collage inspired by Robin White work

What would a depiction of your bubble look like, the place where you spent lock down? During one of Aratoi’s School Holiday Programmes last year (hosted by our Education Team), students created collages of building from their imaginations. Use the same collage technique to create visuals of your memories from lockdown. Think about evocative colours, symbolism, proportions, pattern, highlights and contrast.

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robin white inspired work     robin white inspired work     robin white inspired work