Gavin Hipkins and Peter Peryer, Gone Home

Gone Home and The Homely II is our main exhibition at Aratoi. Unfortunately because of the Coronavirus we can’t open to show off this great exhibition. So, instead we have asked one of our Educators to give you a glimpse of the collection and explain a little about the work so when we reopen, you can come and enjoy this exhibition for yourselves knowing a little bit of the backstory.

Gavin Hipkins’ photography exhibition, the Homely II, delves into the tourism world from two countries on opposite sides of the world, Great Britain and New Zealand. In 80 varied and seemingly unconnected photographs, Hipkins organises these images in groups or pairs without giving away the images’ location. Hipkins knows you will want to try and guess where these images are taken, and he enjoys tricking the audience.

These images can be sorted by colour, emotion, a word, or a shape. The more you look, the more visual snaps you can find.


Have a look around your house, take a picture of two objects that have a visual snap, but don’t tell us the connection, can we work it out?