Planning School Visits

What are my options for bringing a class to Aratoi?

  • Education programmes include a guided tour of the exhibit and creative activity.
  • Self-guided visits to Aratoi.

How much does it cost?

Education programmes and self-guided visits are free of charge, please be aware that transportation is not included.

Do I have to book?

Yes, education programmes and self-guided sessions must be booked as far in advance as possible. Education programmes are available on Wednesday and Friday.

Please email the education team at [email protected] to arrange a time and date.  

How long do programmes last?

Education programmes last 90 minutes. Please call in advance if you would like to adapt sessions to fit your needs or time constraints.

Group sizes

There is no minimum group size for education programmes. However, for groups exceeding 30 students we recommend splitting into two and visiting other public facilities in the area eg. the Trust House swimming pool, Queen Elizabeth Park, and the Wool Museum.

Adult Supervision Requirements:

  • for secondary students - one adult to every ten students
  • for primary students - one adult to every six students
  • for early childhood groups - one adult to every four children.