Summer Holiday Activities 2023

There is great value in good conversation. At Aratoi, over the coming summer months, we will be challenging you to take a closer look at Photographs from our collection and tell us what they see.

Challenge One:

Your first challenge has been set to consider two works from a series titled Cabinet of Parallel Stories from a Travelling Mind Told with a Borrowed Split Tongue. 

Within these two images a volume of ideas is explored. Come look closely at these works on display. What do you notice?

Challenge Two:

Tell Me What You See: Challenge Two

It is common for people to see faces or animals in the clouds and landscapes. Science calls this phenomenon Pareidolia. In art this visually thinking skill can help us find abstract meaning and have a deeper understanding of a work. 

Can you find the hidden faces in Nik Player's photograph? 

What characters do you see? What message do they have for us? 

All our challenges are available online on our social media channels and in the museum.

Look Closely and Tell Me What You See: Photographs from the Collection is showing until 19 February.